Marion Goodwill Industries strives to be an environmentally conscious organization through its recycling efforts. You are helping us by donating your gently used items to our retail stores, giving others an opportunity to re-use them.

Goodwill recycles much of what we cannot sell, including clothing, books, and shoes. Additionally, metals and corrugated cardboard are recycled. Goodwill was awarded the silver commercial industrial award from DKMM in July of 2008.  In a typical month, Goodwill recycles:


  • 15,000 lbs. of computers
  • 5,438 lbs. of hats, purses & belts
  • 198,630 lbs. of textiles
  • 37,300 lbs. of books
  • 23,847 lbs. of shoes


That equals 280,215 pounds per month and 3,362,580 pounds annually.   Not only is this keeping the materials out of the landfills, it is providing jobs at our Goodwill and within our community.