Donation Drives



Donation Drives held by local businesses, churches, schools, and organizations provide a large amount of the products available in our Goodwill Retail Stores and online at The drives also help raise community awareness of the Goodwill mission and the constant need for donation items.

The drives vary in length and format. Some groups prefer to have a one day event with a Goodwill Truck and donation representative on hand to give receipts for tax purposes, while other organizations prefer to have designated areas throughout their location to accept donations for a few days, a week, or even a month. It is all up to you!

If your business, church, or organization would like to help Goodwill by having a donation drive, please contact the Corporate Office at (740) 387-7023 or email:

You can also request to have a donation booth on your company’s property! You have likely noticed more than one shiny, blue Goodwill donation booth as you drive around your community. These booths are often located in parking lots near major community staples such as grocery stores and hardware stores. Goodwill takes complete responsibility for the booths and picks up donated items on a regular basis.

If you would like to contribute year round by having a booth added near your business, contact the Corporate Office at (740)387-7023 or email

Corporate Donations

Have you ever noticed the assortment of brand new items at a Goodwill Retail Store?

Marion Goodwill Industries often receives donations of brand new items from major corporations such as JoAnn Fabrics and QVC. These items are especially desirable for Goodwill customers, as they provide high quality goods at affordable rates.

If your company has products they would like to donate, whether they are out of season, slightly irregular, or just excess, you can call Goodwill at (740) 387-7023, email, or bring them to any of our stores or donation booths.